Monday, January 31, 2011

the lush mommy love fest :)

like sweet nothings whispered into your ear… :)

i'll be popping up lush yummies in the shop all month long :) as time permits and the mood is right, i'll be dyeing, carding, spinning, and crafting for ya :) so check the shop as often as you like for some fibery hugs and kisses :) there's no telling what will be there! :)

and mark your calenders, the next BIG update will be my 35th birthday bash in mid-march!! now THAT will be a party you don't want to miss! :) heehee! :)

that's it for now, love :) i hope you enjoy the weeks to come :) xoxoxoxo sara :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fresh press'd :)

...this week i am honored to be recognized among a handful of amazing fiber artists in the Art Yarn community :) in this season's Winter 2010/Spring 2011 issue of Knitscene, Amy Palmer wrote an article featuring four art yarn spinners, their totally textured handspun creations, and a bit of background about each of our spinning styles :)

Photo by Joe Coca. Copyright Knitscene Magazine. All rights reserved. Not to be reprinted.
from left to right: Cosmos, Koi Pond, Royal Autumn, Ice Queen, Soul, Diva

...featured artists include Margaret Green of, Geraldine Santos of, Esther Rodgers of, and myself :) the article is a really fun read and an awesome preview into the world of art yarn creation for knitters and spinners :) available now at your local bookstore! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the totally 80's update!! :)

hee! i'm so excited for this next update!! :) :) like, for sure, for sure! :) :) its going to be totally rad and packed full with deLUSHous fiber yummies :) :)

listings will include Lush Stuffed art batts, Lush Velvet smooth batts, Martini and Moonshine Mixes, hand dyed Lush Rovings, Bamboo "Brat Packs" and Locks, and maybe a yarn or two! :) want to see a sneaky peek of the goodies and plan your shopping strategy? keep an eye on my Flickr Photostream on FRIDAY for a full preview :)

i had such blast dyeing and carding and gathering yummies for this update! all the while listening (and singing and dancing!) to a totally awesome collection of 80's songs :) my faves span everything from metal hair bands to pop hits, new wave, glam rock, punk, hip hop and rock ballads :) have fun listening along to these great tunes below! :)

Standalone player