Saturday, January 23, 2010

bamboozled... :) a dear friend of mine sent me her stash of bamboo fiber and dyes to go with it, and wouldn't ya know it? i'm hooked!

check out my first attempts:

it IS quite a bit different from kettle dyeing wool and protein fibers, but i love how the plant fibers really drink in the dyewater and have a brilliant, silky sheen... :)

fresh petals
fresh petals

so i've ordered more supplies and lots of interesting fibers to play with and i'm super excited to add these into the mix of deLushous fibers in the shop :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

and now, Lush Benders! :)

...i'm super excited to present my version of hand spun yarns spun directly onto wire, Lush Benders!

totally moldable mini art yarns that have whimsical themes and artful inclusions :)

perfect little bundles at 9 feet in length to add a delightful handspun element to your crafting project :)

i'm hoping that they will inspire you to take art yarns to the next level and sculpt them into your own masterpiece!

use them as garland, trim, any sort of embellishment :)

bend them... cut and glue them... even crochet or knit with them! add some whimsy to your table top, your window treatments, or your powder room :)

just my way of exploring the things i love to combine: color, texture, and function, and a whole lot of lush yumminess :)

they will be individually listed in the shop and then offered as custom orders...

new styles will be added throughout the seasons with custom requests delightfully taken :)

Monday, January 11, 2010


batt club
...and so it's here! Club Lush, my first monthly offering to fiberistas and fans :) and what a grand opening it was! 7 members so far, all getting their monthly dose of Lush fiber in their diet... good girls!!

Club Lush is like friends, with benefits! as a member, you will receive 2.5 ounces of fiber, a bundle of Lush Stuff novelties to add into your creative project, special monthly coupon deals and 10% off your Club Lush renewals :)

wanna see the goods? alright, but don't say i didn't offer you some! :)
godiva (sent for Club Lush) thimbleberry silver screen Ikat ghiradelli (sent for Club Lush) conversation heart attack (sent for Club Lush) tooth fairy (sent for Club Lush)
wanna be in the big girl's club? if you send me a sweet-talkin' email, i'll add you to the list and see what i can do... :) you did bring your sparkly pants and platform shoes, right? let's dance! :)