Thursday, January 14, 2010

and now, Lush Benders! :)

...i'm super excited to present my version of hand spun yarns spun directly onto wire, Lush Benders!

totally moldable mini art yarns that have whimsical themes and artful inclusions :)

perfect little bundles at 9 feet in length to add a delightful handspun element to your crafting project :)

i'm hoping that they will inspire you to take art yarns to the next level and sculpt them into your own masterpiece!

use them as garland, trim, any sort of embellishment :)

bend them... cut and glue them... even crochet or knit with them! add some whimsy to your table top, your window treatments, or your powder room :)

just my way of exploring the things i love to combine: color, texture, and function, and a whole lot of lush yumminess :)

they will be individually listed in the shop and then offered as custom orders...

new styles will be added throughout the seasons with custom requests delightfully taken :)


  1. Those are GORGEOUS!!!! I stocked up on wire over the holidays for some wirecore spins too!!! I looooove the toadstool one!!!

  2. thanks dani!!! :) :) :) these are sooooooo fun to do!! i hadn't tried wire yet and found out how fun it was and had these yummy mushrooms to spin, and voila!! now i'm hooked!!!!! :) xoxoxoxo sara :)

  3. Ohhh - you beat me to it! I was totally going to do something like this for my shop but your photography is FAR better than mine would have been. I sold my wire yarn at a craft show to someone who was going to decorate with it so I've been meaning to do more. Alas, I haven't :)

  4. awww, erin!! thanks for the compliments :) and you still can DO IT!! yours would be so yummy and cute! :) i certainly didn't start the trend of wire-spinning, i just finally found out how fun it is :) can't wait to see yours, too, hint hint! :) xoxo sara

  5. lol! I love that you can actually part with yours! I've been so selfish with all of mine. :) I did sell some jewelry made from them though! :) your little toadstool one is sooo cute! where did you find those little guys!

  6. hi em!! i can part with them, its my hubs that wants to keep them!! lol, so if they don't find homes, they'll be happy here with us :) i found the mushrooms on etsy! they are german handspun cotton, too cute!!! :) xoxoxo

  7. la photo du blog est magnifique !!!! bravo !j'arrive pas du tout à faire ça !

  8. thank you so much christine!! this yarn photo drew you in!! :) :) xoxo

  9. Oh gosh, your blog is full of lovliness!! You came and left a message on my ebay for the drum carder that I have for sell. You can come by my blog and visit me. I have made a few needle felted animals.
    you can see them on my flikr too