Friday, November 13, 2009

and then there were 4... its time we added to our humble little family, and once again we get to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the house...

well, its more like a rolling sound, since those little feet, 4 to be exact, belong to our new hamster, Harriette, who loves to scoot around in her little green ball :)

and she is quite a husky thing! over 6 inches long, she barely fits through the little tube adjoining her double cage condo... but she rolls like a champ around the house and only bumps into things she wants to sniff out...

she's my new spinning buddy, i usually bring her and her ball out at night and she gingerly bumps my wheel now and again as she cruises the floor, as if to say "looks great! maybe a little more fluff or bling and its golden!" :) i love pets that just listen and love and make me laugh :) xoxo

ETSY SHOP UPDATE: Saturday Nov. 14, 11am pst :) coffee and cookie dough this time... why chance it by baking? xoxo


  1. lol... hamsters!!! I love it!! Those Luau batts are flippin' GORGEOUS!!! I am so glad I will be out of the house when you update the shop!!! lol.... someone had better snatch those puppies up before I get home!!! ooof!! You are reeeeally good!!

    take care!! xoxo ~ d.

  2. thanks dani!!! lucky for you, they are reserved already :) thank you sooooo much for your compliments!!! and hopefully harriette will let me snap a piccie of her, too!! :) xoxoxoox