Sunday, November 1, 2009

a rrrrroaring good time :), it was my son's 4th birthday last week and between his party and halloween weekend, we are officially partied out! :)

we had all of his "best" friends, a.k.a. the neighborhood kids, over for a super fun time in the double-slide bouncy and i think the parents (and grand-parents) had just as much fun sliding as the kids! :)

and there were so many fun toys and gifts that we'll get to play with, over and over and over... :)

and THEN there was the fur... TONS of fur snippets EVERYWHERE in the house!! he wanted to be a red furry dragon with yellow trim :) so, of course, i obliged... :)

...and just fyi, NEVER cut any sort of faux fur type fabric with scissors, ALWAYS use a razor to cut only the backing and then you don't have fur bits all over... UNLESS you are making it the day before halloween, then you'll need to just hack at it!! :) now we rest :) until i just get so stir crazy that i have to dye, card, and spin :) next UPDATE is on its way!! :)

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