Sunday, November 7, 2010

the Slumber Party update :)

YAY!!! i’m sooooo excited to host a super fun slumber party and YOU are invited!! :) remember how fun it was to giggle and gossip and play games and have silly girl time fun?? get your cozy pj’s on, fuzzy slippers, make a fruity martini or hot cocoa and have fun with us at the next shop update :)

i will be hosting a live meet-n-greet chat room, opened at 6:30pm, so we can be together and get settled in and then the update will hit at 7pm pst :)
there will be sweet little “thank-yous” tucked into every purchase… and super fun prizes too! :) i really hope you can make it :) :) its going to be lots of fun remembering the silly times we've all had :)
please let me know if you plan to attend!!! :) i will be sending a follow-up email with specific links and details for the meet-n-greet chat to those who RSVP :)

1 comment:

  1. hmmmm... 5am on Saturday morning, bit early for me, haha - and I'm working.