Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Purge... Mini Splurge :)

...so this week, i finally decided that i have HAD it! i mean, i am REALLY sick of it! sick of all the sh-tuff that i had collected and had been storing and carting around and "organizing" and living with for the past 7 years... so the dudes and i had a treasure hunt all thru the house gathering up anything that held us back from the freedom of a clutter-free living space, and everything that was used in the past but is not useful in my current endeavors–

all my old sewing supplies, fabrics, trims, etc. from my previous career as a fashion designer... saving up anything spinnable or giftable of course...

all my old jewelry making supplies and metal-smithing equipment and wax that was left behind...

all my rolls of plastic and patterns i had used to create my revolutionary "pick-a-pack" storage systems for organizing your kid's wardrobe... i'll trade ya my copyright for fiber!!

and thus, we have cleared out my home and garage, leaving only the essentials... and most importantly, space to store my bins full of raw fleece ready to be washed, dyed, carded and spun into my latest wildest dreams! :)

...so this week its just a mini update :) a mini splurge for you! :) UPDATE in the shop on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 12noon pst :) hope to see you there! coffee and cookies as usual :)

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  1. wow love the new look and wishing mine looked even a little bit this nice! and hoping to hear from you?? miss you! everything looks amazing of course!! sending you giant hugs and yikes a brave girl I still haven't had the nerve or really a desire to purge yet too much stuff but not willing to give it up YET!! I too have it all! well email when you can!
    love and hugs Linda