Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Cinderella Moment... we finally had the chance to watch Cinderella with my little guy who always dresses up like a prince... and i just fell in love all over again with the wonderful story and lovable animal characters and magical transformation and all the colors and sparkles there were to see :) and of course i just melt when the fairy godmother's wand sends a spiral of glittery magic around Cinderella and she is instantly transformed into the most loveliest vision of all :)

and it inspired me to create some magic of my own, with a little bibbidy bobbidy boo and a dash of sparkle and voila! now you can have a sprinkle of magic, too :) grab your favorites in the next SHOP UPDATE, Monday Oct. 12 at 10am pst :)

the stepsisters, Anastasia and Drisella:
anastasia drisella
fairy godmother and prince charming :)
fairy godmother prince charming
and glass slipper, a candy wrapper corespun yarn with crystal embellishments :)
glass slipper

and i was also in a holiday season, wintery wishing (its still sunny down here!) and nature's offerings kind of mood... and have some yummy peace offerings also in the mix :) UPDATE on Monday, Oct. 12, 10 am pst :)
bramble snowy birch partridge in a pear tree painterly NY fashion week dusty boots
hope to see you in the shop... cocktails and toffee bars will be served :)


  1. Great GOOGLY-MOOGLY! Fiber YUM! Anastasia better find a new home FAST or she will quickly be adopted into my home - snooty or not! LoL. And that snowy natural colored batt is to die for! I already know which one I will be buying tomorrow morning ... and might talk myself into MORE then one ... you are SO seriously talented! Thanks for giving us a sneak-peek-drool-inducing-post! : ) xoxo ~ Laura

  2. thank you so much laura!!! LOL!! chuckle...snort... as laila says, lushmommy temptress!! :) xoxox can't wait to "see you" tomorrow!!! :) xoxox

  3. Glass slipper has my name written ALL over it!! and the fairy godmother *yipee*****

  4. haha! i came over to say, I LOVE YOUR CINDERELLA THEMED EVERYTHING! and i remember being totally enchanted with that movie as a child. i only have one thing to complain about, lol, where's my GUS GUS batt? hahahaha b/c he's my favorite! when he's stacking up all the corn like the lil fatty mouse he is!

    haha, and i love that you knew i was gonna stop by and tell everyone that you're a temptress! xoxoxo!!

  5. You are seriously amazing :O