Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spinderella :)

so, yeah... from rags to richness is pretty much how it goes down over here :)

I absolutely LOVE to get my hands on anything from my stacks of fabrics, my son's toy bin, shredded threads from snagged garments... you get the gist...

electric koolaid acid test
and if you really want to see what i mean, take a peek at my recent "spinterview" interview... a nifty little question and answer ditty that the boys cooked up :) they did the asking and i did the chatting... you know me :)

an excerpt from the "spinterview"...

Why do you love to spin? :) For me, spinning is like painting with my hands and dancing with my feet… I absolutely LOVE going to my stash and searching for the batt, locks or roving that is calling out to be my next project… I love digging through my bins of fabrics and trims and beads and novelty yarns and threads to find extra goodies that might want to be spun into the yarn… I love sitting down with an oiled flyer and a fresh bobbin and having the opportunity to spin something unique, whimsical, textural and colorful… I love holding fiber in my hands and letting it twist and spin and form into shape… I love having the chance to pass the creativity along to someone else who might knit, crochet, felt, or craft with it in some way… and I love teaching my son how to take something in your hands and make with it something new :)... for more about my whirl-wind adventures in fiber yumminess, click here to read on...

and have you checked out the Spin In Public website? a tres cool celebration of us spinners and fiberistas who love to give it a whirl in public and do some grand style exhibitioning out there in real life :)

so there you have it... another great reason to hold onto your belly button and toe lint :) cuz ya just never know when it'll end up in the mix :) okay, i'm so grossed out by that thought right now, but somebody had to put it out there!! :) xoxoxoxo


  1. You worked in the costume industry?! OMG....I went to FIDM, and thought I was going to eb a fashion designer. That was a super cool article from the spin in public website. Yay for your yarns look absolutely ah-mazing. My fave is the one listed first in this blog, I *so* regret passing it up!

  2. thanks sayra! :) tee hee :) well i can always score some extra glow-beads just for YOU!! :) let em add that to my "to dos" :) xoxo

  3. that jungle juice yarn was soooo the color of the day for me today! it would fit in perfectly with today's daily blog post "i'm spinning gold" :) makes me want to grab my dyepots & whip up a few rich yellow hues! :D thanks for the inspiration <3

  4. aw, thanks laila :) we all need a bit of gold now and then!! i have inhope.etsy to thank for starting it all :) xoxoxo