Saturday, October 3, 2009

Updating an Obsession :)

so, YAY!! i finally have found a way to make one big obsession obscenely BIGGER! i started a new fiber frenzy in my own studio and now can't find my way out :) i've been up to my knees in raw fibers, dyepots and carded fluff trying out my new toy (i'll give you one guess!)

and my neighbor's little daughter has been my biggest help of all! she helped me pick out colors and textures and we carded up a sweet little dream batt that i can spin just for her :)
so here's the good stuff!! sneak peeks at the BIGGEST update i've had, and probably the funnest one, too!! :)
aloha glacier pixie mood ring ichabod desert bloom sweet pea sleepy hollow raspberry mocha truffle french lavender powder puff midorisour
and after arm-wrestling for a spot in line at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival Fleece Sale (say that 3 times fast!) and scoring the HUGEST haul of fleece, i will officially be up to my neck in it! who won the wrestle? probably miss AtomicBlue herself, but it's such a fun way to go down! :)


  1. I Love this one! You spin up such fun combinations....I can almost hear your humor as you giggle to yourself spinning away these cute sassy little bundles .
    Your amazing!!! Keep up the good work!!!
    Kelly :)

  2. Yeah, but you win. That rambouillet fleece was the hugest! That fleece sale, I'll never forget it. We all ran when they opened it! It was like they were giving away land.....

    I need to get back to washing fleece ;)

  3. Yay Sara ;p I'm excited to see your lushbatt's.. a new whirled of possibilities for your inspiring woolly wonders! xo Michelle

  4. Ahhhh... what a phenomenal fluffy and colorful post!!! LOVE your pics... whets the appetite so we will pop over and buy ALL of your new creations! Enjoy all your fleecy haul and keep putting it all together for your thrilled customers. : ) xo

  5. thanks kelly and sayra and michelle and laura!!! oooh, pinch me that i have so many WONDERFUL cyber fiber friends!! :)

    can't wait to put up the next pics... and i just can't stop singing "Get Ur Sneak On!" LOL! in my best missy elliot voice :)

  6. Hi, my friend and I sold you and AtomicBlue the were our biggest buyers of the day! I can't wait to see what you turn it all into...

    See you at next year's festival!

  7. hi miyoko79!!!!! YAY!! if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be over 100 lbs heavier!! LOL :) all my fleece arrives TOMORROW!! and a new post to follow :) xoxoxo

    let me know where to find you online :) xoxoxo sara :)

  8. Yeah! I got my yarn today and I L*O*V*E it, I think I might need to knit something with it tonight!!!

  9. oooh, yay becca!!! i'll be posting about my AWESOME customers and their AWESOME sh-tuff so i can't wait to see your yummies!!!!! :) xoxoxoxoxoxo